We’ll be posting about some of the interesting projects that come through our studio here. Please come back and check us out.

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  1. We had an amazing shoot in here last week. A young man, Brian McLane, is producing a low budget feature, shot entirely on an iPhone 6. He showed up with a small tripod and a big idea. Once the camera was set up, he turned it on (directed at the green screen), and jumped in front to start acting as the main character. He then set up his laptop to playback a song (he had written) and did lip synch. The quality of the image (4K) was awesome and I cannot wait to see the completed film.

  2. Another fun project was our ongoing videotaping or Roma Torre for the Time Warner series vureview. This project had Roma in front of a green screen giving thumbnail reviews of various feature films that would be airing on the network. I was always amazed how easily she made the words come to life, often in just two takes: (a long shot and a close up).

  3. “Can we video a drummer in your studio? asked the producer. “I don’t see why not” I replied. Next thing I knew, Steve Smith, the legendary drummer from Journey was setting up his kit. The video was for Zildjian Cymbals and he made them sing. He described the “color” he got from them and I must admit, I could hear it too.

  4. Another fun shoot last night. Rap Artist Christopher Sausage was filmed by talented DP Tyler with his Ronin stabilizer. They recorded his song on the green screen but roamed on and off the set to take advantage of the living room, make up room, kitchen, all included in the flavor of the video. Going in and out of green screen all the time. I cannot wait to see the result. Always something new.

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