Camera & Lighting Services


Camera and lighting services are the backbone of any video production. They can make the difference between an amateur video and a Hollywood production. BC Studio of NYC, has excellent natural atmospheric window light as well as a full range of LED, Fluorescent and tungsten fixtures. Our experienced cameramen and lighting technicians can be configured for productions of any size and needs. We have worked on everything from reality television shows to yoga DVDs, and we are sure to get the shot you are looking for. Good videography depends on the people you work with. We only work with the best!

Camera and lighting services include:

● Lighting—Lighting sets the mood for the video. It is the often unnoticed aspect of cinematic storytelling. Audiences take for granted the dark shadowy villain and glowing radiant princess, but do not realize the work that goes in to creating such iconography. We offer professional lighting services for any project. Our staff can execute the wishes of even the most exacting directors.

● Cameras—You cannot have action without lights and cameras. Our cinematographers have all the equipment necessary to capture your scene in high definition quality. Whether you are working in front of a green screen or throughout our comfortable space, we have a personally tailored camera set-up to fit your needs.

● Teleprompter—In addition to all of this, we have state-of-the-art teleprompters that work with mobile devices. They are perfect for delivering monologues in front of the green screen. We have used them to great effect for commercials, personal statements, and anything else that requires a reading.

● Stills Too—BC Studio is also perfect for still photography projects. Fashion, Beauty, Product, you name it, we’ve done it. Stylists love to open up a few large tables and spread out their props, while photographers plug into laptops and shoot stills.

Discover the difference our camera and lighting services can make for your production! Speak to our representatives to find out more!